Elastomeric waterproofing systems, as the name suggests, are above-grade highly durable (10 times stronger than paint), flexible and stretchable coating that protects the substrate from water, water vapour, and moisture penetration. Applied as a one-component liquid waterproofing coating, it cures to form a seamless watertight membrane that will remain flexible, moving, bending and stretching as the structure moves underneath


PLASTIBOND has the benefit of a wide range of suitability and strengths, including:

  • Monolithic - Cementitious waterproofing provides a seamless system

  • Abrasion and Weather resistant - Important where exposure and mechanical and human traffic wear is an issue

  • Excellent bonding capability - Bonds to porous and non-porous surfaces

  • Strength – 10 times stronger than paint

  • Works with both negative and positive side pressure  

Positive-side waterproofing creates a waterproof barrier on the side of the surface in question that has applied hydrostatic pressure. On a foundation, for example, this would be the outside surface closest to the soil. 

Negative-side waterproofing, on the other hand, protects the surface that is opposite the side that has applied hydrostatic pressure. An example of this would be the inside of a basement wall. In addition to keeping moisture out, these coatings can prevent damage from mould, mildew, and water infiltration.

  • Resists carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion - Prevents concrete cancer and spalling


PLASTIBOND has the added features over standard, including:

  • Fiber-reinforced - Provides excellent crack bridging properties and strength through reinforcement

  • Flexibility - Allows the product to accommodate for natural movement of structure

  • Full coverage – protective layer filling all necessary areas and crevices and can be painted over roof nails and membranes

  • VOC Complaint - Does not contain any petroleum solvents

  • Easy to apply - Supplied as a liquid and can be applied by brush, roller or sprayed on


  • Tiled roofs

  • IBR roofs

  • Parapet walls waterproofing

  • Concrete roof 

  • Wall coating

  • Painted roofs

  • Flat roofs 

  • Corrugated iron roofs

  • Metal roofs 

  • Roof leak repair